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N年前,葉劉講過話希特拉都係民選出來,即時俾人圍插。其實佢錯唔晒,只不過係傻豬豬咗啲,想用一個極端例子去貶底大多數人認同的理想(全民直選)。Hilter將當時德國所面對的各式社會經濟問題通通歸咎於共產主義入侵同埋國內的猶太人,成功將每個人心裏各式的恐懼同憤怒投射到一個特定對象 – 猶太人。

就咁樣,希特拉領導的納粹黨係國會選舉得票率就由2.x% raised to ~35% over the course of just 4 years! (1928 -> 1932). 跟手希特拉耍手段做埋總理………

我好鍾意依個短片結尾的收語 “…. how fragile democratic institutions can be in the face of angry crowds and a leader willing to feed their anger and exploit their fears”.我的解讀是”恐懼同憤怒係一種巨大的力量,能夠駕馭操控(manipulate)社會集體意志的人就可以摧毀任何制度秩序。”

and watch out what’s happening right now in US and rest of world (including HK?!). History repeats itself! How Adolf Hitler rose to power in a democratic country:

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